All about Tattoos

Tattoos are a sign made by inserting pigments into the skin. In technical terms, a tattoo is an implantation of a micro pigment. Tattoos can be made against human or animal skin. Tattoos in humans are a form of body modification, while tattoos in animals are generally used as identification.

Tattoo Practice can be found almost everywhere with functions in accordance with local customs. Tattoos used to be often used by the tribal estranged in a region in the world as a marking of territory, degrees, rank, even signify one's health.

Tattoos are widely used by Polynesian, Filipino, Borneo, African, North American, South American, Mesoamerican, European, Japanese, Cambodian, and Chinese. Although in some circles tattoos are considered taboo, tattoo art remains something popular in the world.

Here are some examples of tattoo designs that distinguish from Skype resolver that we collect.